About JPB

Jersey Premier Brass was founded in 1997 by a group of likeminded brass musicians, with the primary objective of forming a band to provide the opportunity for local brass musicians to perform challenging brass music to a high standard and ultimately form the only contesting brass band in the Channel Islands. This objective was achieved in 1999 with the band competing at their first contest in the West of England Areas, and now regularly competing in the UK and Europe, having only had a break during Covid restrictions. JPB is proud to provide a platform to nurture young talent on the Island, with many of our members having taken up professional careers in music both on and off the Island.

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    Jersey Musicians

    Meet the Band

    Musical Director: Jason Mildren

    The son of a military musician, you could almost say music was in his blood, starting off as an 8 year old cornet player with The Band of The Island of Jersey (BIJ).

    Although Jason (Jay), started on Cornet, he had already shown an interest in drums, particularly the marching snare and not long after joining BIJ transferred to the drum corps and the percussion section, mostly playing kit, which opened a lot of doors outside of Brass Band, playing in the orchestra for many musical productions in Jersey and UK.

    Jay moved to the UK in 2001 and played with Regent Brass, Grimsdyke Brass and The Central Band of the Royal British Legion. On his return to the island in 2005, Jay held percussion/kit positions with the band until he went back to his brass roots taking over the Flugelhorn chair, before becoming Musical Director in 2021.



    Neil Britton

    Principal Cornet

    Euro Williams

    Solo Cornet

    Julie Soudain
    Natasha Ronayne
    Rob Horrocks
    Julia Head


    Mal Robson

    Backrow Cornet

    Ivan Sproats
    Andy Head
    Vanessa Blanchet
    Olivia Langlands
    Julien Smyth


    Lesley Harvey


    Lucy Raine-Martn
    Debs Hodgson
    Jenna Avrill


    Micheal Eouzan
    Matt Goffee-White
    Roman Galaska


    Emilie Langlands
    Sara Dodds


    Darren Gale
    Lee Bell
    Jack Mitchell

    Tuba (Eb & Bb)

    Adam Griffiths
    Trevor Fosse
    Zoe Audoire
    Keith Sunter
    Nick Audoire


    Charlotte Cooper
    Anna Davis